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The gift of psalms

Louise MacMillan's love of the psalms began as a child growing up in the Outer Hebrides where the psalms were memorised and sung.

"Their poetic language resonates with that hidden part of our souls, and deepens our relationship with the Lord in ways we can scarcely understand."

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Is God punishing me?

Perhaps you've made an ungodly decision, a foolish choice and now there are consequences. People are are hurt. You’ve lost something of great value. More than that, it may feel like God is punishing you.

By Sally Orwin Lee

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How do you view the idols in your heart?

How do you feel about the wrong desires that lurk deep within? When we become controlling, does that bother us? When we get irritable, do we resolve to work on our own hearts rather than lash out at the other person?

To put the questions another way, are we more like King Amon or King Josiah?

Helen Thorne reflects on 2 Kings.

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