A conversation on lament: Part 2 – The value of lamenting together

Lament is a privilege in times of pain.

It’s a pouring out that leads us into the loving arms of a person, the person of Jesus Christ. In the process, we are changed to be ever more the people that God is calling us to be – lament is a deeply sanctifying act.

It’s not just for us to be engaging in alone, though. There can be a gloriously corporate aspect to lament – a coming together of brothers and sisters to address God, articulate our pain, ask for his help and affirm what we know to be true about his character and plans.

This week, why not listen afresh to Joanna Jackson and Helen Thorne’s Zoom conversation – or just a couple of snippets – and think about how you can lament more together, not just alone.

For further reading, Mark Vroegop’s book, Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy, will fuel your heart.

Joanna Jackson is the Director of Counselling at the All Souls Counselling Service

Helen Thorne is the Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK

Lament leads to a person, not a why 3 mins

“In coming to the Lord we discover there is someone who is so much better than all the things we long for, and hope for, and miss.”

Learning to lament together 4 mins

“Weep with those who weep… Learning to lament with one another is one of the key ways we can love one another well.”

Watch their full conversation 31 mins