A conversation on lament: Part 1 – What is lament?

This fallen world can be a desperately painful place.

Sometimes we feel the brokenness deeply – but it can be hard to know what do with the pain.

Most of us are familiar with the calls to look to the Lord, to persevere in trust, to continue to rejoice in God even on the hardest of days – but is that it? Is that all we are called to do with our heartbreak and tears?

Not according to Scripture! There we find a beautiful invitation to lament.

Often in our churches we don’t talk a great deal about lament but such literature is a significant proportion of God’s word and, as we practice it today, a wonderful context in which our faith can grow.

Watch Joanna Jackson and Helen Thorne’s Zoom conversation as they explore a little more of the nature and importance of lament.

Joanna Jackson is the Director of Counselling at the All Souls Counselling Service

Helen Thorne is the Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK

What is lament? 2 mins

“An honest cry of the heart, expressing the paradox between the pain of life and the promises of God.”

The pattern of lament 3 mins

“Addressing God. A complaint. A request. An expression of trust.”

Watch their full conversation 31 mins