Real Change

A six session, Bible-centred course for small groups – from Biblical Counselling UK and New Growth Press.

Whether we are new Christians or mature, we all have areas of our lives which need transforming. Some of us tend towards anger or impatience, others towards jealousy or discontent. Some of us struggle with addictions and, in different ways, all of us still harbour pride in our hearts. God is not planning on leaving us this way!

As Philippians reminds us, God is going to bring to completion the good work he has already begun in us (Phil 1:6). But how does this process of change work?

Based on the “three trees” model from CCEF, Real Change is a course for anyone who wants to find out how the gospel changes us from the inside out – anyone who wants to take a look at what is going on in their heart and grow with God’s help to see Real Change.

Course Format

The course is designed to be used within a local church (or other grouping of Christians). It can be used with groups as small as 4 or groups as large as 40 but the ideal size is probably in the region of 10-20.

It is a course that is designed to be led from the front – that means that you will need one or two people to lead each week: giving biblical input and facilitating discussion.

You will need a handbook for each participant (including the leader).

Watch Helen Thorne and Andrew Nicholls talking about the course.

Listen to Andrew Nicholls’ seminar on using Real Change.

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Course Content


  • God is changing each of us
  • God is changing us through our relationship with Jesus
  • God is changing us through our relationships with other Christians
  • A model for understanding how God is changing us


  • God understands my situation
  • God enables me to grow in response to my situation


  • I produce thorns
  • My thorns come from my heart


  • Christ is active in my heart by the cross
  • I live by repentance and faith in the cross


  • Fruit comes from a changed heart
  • By grace I can bear the fruit of Christlikeness


  • What does real change look like?
  • How do we keep going?
  • This is real church!

How to run a Real Change course

Order a student handbook for everyone in your group, including the leader

The new edition of Real Change is available from 10ofthose.

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Already using Real Change?

This new, updated edition of Real Change is now a self-contained resource and includes leader’s notes. Previous users of Real Change will notice that Section 4 has been substantially re-written and the main diagram now makes the work of the Spirit clearer.