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Seminars at 6 UK venues and online

Our certificate programme offers a broad theoretical and practical introduction to the biblical counselling approach to ministry.

There are 7 modules, spread over 3 years, and you can take as many or as few as you wish.

The content is based on material developed by CCEF (The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) who have been at the forefront of biblical counselling for over 50 years.

Steve Midgley, Executive Director of Biblical Counselling UK, introduces the Certificate Course.

What’s the format?
The coursework, which involves set reading, watching online video lectures and completing assignments, is completed in a student’s own time and feedback on coursework is provided by UK Recitation Instructors.

Fortnightly seminars allow students to review the material with others under the guidance of an experienced tutor. These seminars and a week-long Summer Intensive add a skills component to the training.

There are 6 seminar venues around the UK, and an online seminar option.







Online seminar

Who would benefit from the course?
Pastors, social workers, youth workers and counsellors trained in secular therapies have all benefited from the course. The majority of students, however, are ‘ordinary’ church members eager to improve their ability to love those around them in biblically wise ways.

Find out more
Certificate Course in depth answers FAQs, such as 

  • What is the course content?
  • Can I just take Dynamics of Biblical Change?
  • What are the term dates?

Short of time?
You can take the first module on its own over 6 months. Find out about Dynamics of Biblical Change for Leaders.

What previous students have said

Allan – Why I did the course

Ali – My highlights

How much does it cost?

The cost of each module is currently £495.

Tuition for the Summer Intensive week is £445.

There is a limited  Bursary Fund which we are pleased to make available to students with significant financial need.

September 2022 intake of the Certificate Course

Applications for the 2022 intake of the Certificate Course will open in spring 2022.


Further information:

Module Descriptions

Modules and venues 2021-2025

Student Handbook

Email courses@biblicalcounselling.org.uk if you wish to be notified when applications open for the September 2022 Certificate Course intake.

Summer Intensive

This one-week residential course forms part of the Skills Certificate. Dates and venues for the 2022 Summer Intensive will be published in Spring 2022.

Students from any Certificate Course venue may register for any of the venues. Priority is given to Certificate Course students, but spare places (if any) will be available for non-Certificate Course students who will need as a minimum requirement to have passed the CCEF modules Dynamics of Biblical Change and Helping Relationships.

For more information about the Summer Intensive, please email courses@biblicalcounselling.org.uk.

How can I get more information?

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