Certificate Course in depth

Biblical Counselling UK’s Certificate Course has been running for 8 years and provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the ministry of biblical counselling.

The course provides a model for ministry that is applicable to the full range of human experiences and struggles. It is useful to people serving in both formal and informal ministry contexts. Youth workers, small group leaders, pastors, secular counsellors and ordinary church members eager to be better equipped to help friends, will all benefit. The course encourages personal growth in biblical wisdom and always emphasises our own need for biblical change before we seek to minister in the lives of others.

Andrew Nicholls, Director of Pastoral Care at Oak Hill College, is one of the London tutors

The course content is based on material developed by CCEF (The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) who, for 50 years, have been at the forefront of the biblical counselling movement. Their insights help apply the gospel to people’s lives in order that the riches of Scripture might bring about lasting change.

Course Content

Based on the teaching material developed by CCEF, the courses are studied online by students in their own time. Fortnightly seminars provide the opportunity to interact with other students under the direction of an experienced tutor. Worked conversational exercises, observation classes and real life examples all encourage the development of practical skills in personal ministry.

The first module, Dynamics of Biblical Change, provides a foundation for all the others but can be equally valuable when taken for stand-alone study, either in the first term of the Certificate Course, or in the slower-paced Dynamics of Biblical Change for Leaders course.

Students do coursework in their own time, and meet fortnightly for seminars. There are 6 seminar venues around the UK, and an online seminar option
Foundations Certificate
Autumn Dynamics of Biblical Change
Spring Helping Relationships
Summer Counselling in the Local Church
Skills Certificate
Autumn Scripture for Life & Ministry
Spring Marriage Counselling
Summer Intensive Personal Qualities for Biblical Counselling plus Counselling Observation.
Topics Certificate
Autumn Human Personality
Spring Theology & Secular Psychology


All the modules have required assignments and some also have a final exam. The time commitment varies according to the module but a rough guide would be that you would need 8–10 hours per week in addition to the time required to attend the fortnightly seminars.

There are no minimum academic requirements to take the course but students should be aware that there is a significant amount of reading to be done and that this involves both book extracts and journal articles.

Summer Intensive

The week-long Summer Intensive is offered at a number of venues and includes two modules.

Personal Qualities for Biblical Counselling explores some of the personal attributes that God develops in us and then uses in conversational ministry. The Observation Class provides an opportunity to view and discuss video material of biblical counselling sessions. A central element in the Summer Intensives are the nine sessions of conversational ministry where students take turns in each of the three roles of help giver, help seeker and observer.

The Summer Intensive is offered every year and can also be taken on completion of the Foundations or Topics certificates.

The Summer Intensive is offered every year and can also be taken on completion of the Foundations or Topics certificates

Exemptions for existing CCEF online students

Applicants who have already passed one or more of the modules directly with CCEF may apply for an exemption for up to two modules.

To qualify for a certificate students must attend a minimum of 70% of all the seminars for the modules in that certificate.

Students who have an exemption for a particular module often choose to attend the seminars for that module. This allows them to benefit both from the shared learning experience and the skills elements that are included in the seminars. There is a charge of £150 for this. For further information please contact courses@biblicalcounselling.org.uk.

How to apply

We ask for a supporting reference from your church pastor.  Applications open each Spring and the deadline is usually the beginning of July.