Equipped to serve

“I wish I felt more confident to stand alongside my struggling friends…“

“I want to reach out to my hurting neighbours more effectively…“

“I’m wondering if God is calling me to roll up my sleeves and get more involved in the pastoral work of the church…“

“I’d love to see others in my congregation equipped to point people to Jesus in the tough times…“

They’re phrases many of us think. They’re hopes many of us share. They’re desires that maybe – just maybe – you might want to act upon in the coming month. After all, to serve well we all need to be equipped well.

It is, of course, sometimes hard to find the time – money is tight for many of us today – but some things are worth investing in. Arguably learning how to support others more biblically is one of those things.

So why not consider applying for Biblical Counselling UK’s 2-year, part-time Certificate in Biblical Counselling? Applications are open now with opportunities to study in London, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

The Certificate involves taking 6 modules (one each term) including “Dynamics of Biblical Change”, “Helping Relationships” and “Counselling in the Local Church” – plus a one week summer intensive to hone your practical skills. Gradually, you will learn the principles and gain some experience in supporting others in thoroughly prayerful, biblical and Christ-orientated ways. Throughout you will enjoy sharing the journey with other, like-minded people.

It’s course taken by home group and youth and children’s work leaders, and by those not quite sure how they will use it in the future. That’s one of the wonderful things about biblical counselling – it’s relevant to all and accessible to all Christians whatever their background, whatever their current role.

Past students have found the course transformational – both personally and in the ways they serve. So why not prayerfully consider whether, this year, the course could be for you? Why not nudge a friend to study with you?

Further details and an application form are available from our Certificate Course page.