Discovering the dynamics of change

I didn’t used to understand my sin or my suffering. I knew it was there – there in abundance – but I didn’t get it. Not really.

I understood that such things were the result of the Fall (everything bad is). And I knew that one day they would end (how I long for eternal perfection). I was aware that, in the here and now, relationship with Jesus and the cross make a difference – they enable me to change – but I hadn’t truly grasped how. It just didn’t quite make sense.

I had a nagging feeling inside that kept whispering, “surely things have to be clearer than this”. That feeling didn’t go away. It didn’t budge because I wanted to be transformed and I wanted to help others become more like Jesus too.

I listened to sermons, I went to Bible studies, I did lots of reading. But nothing helped me more than CCEF’s Dynamics of Biblical Change course. There the penny dropped. I saw how my experiences and my heart team up to produce good fruit and bad. I saw how the bad fruit in my life could change to good as I returned to the cross. I had the opportunity to live out the biblical process of change as I engaged in targeted self-counselling projects that engaged my heart and equipped me to help others.

Dynamics has been a course that I have returned to time and time again. Each time suffering hits … Each time I want to look strategically at an area of sin … Each time a friend confides in me that they want to pursue Christlikeness in some part of their life … It provides a biblical structure, a practical scheme, a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered process to understand and address any of the mess that surrounds human beings. Which means it’s been well worth the time given over to studying … So completely and utterly worth it.

I’d even go as far as to suggest it might be worth it for you too…

Dynamics of Biblical Change is the first module in our two-year, part-time Certificate in Biblical Counselling. And if you are someone who wants greater Scriptural clarity on how change takes place and greater confidence to encourage that change in yourself and others, why not consider enrolling?

You can read more about the Certificate Course here.

And if you want to know more about the Dynamics of Biblical Counselling module in particular, why not check out this short video?