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No Shame? Gospel hope in the experience of shame – 14 March 2015

Counselling those facing anxiety and depression – 8-11 March 2015

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Self-harm: bringing hope to those who hurt – Helen Thorne
Self-harm is on the rise, but often we feel ill-equipped to understand and support those who struggle. This seminar explores why people self-harm and how the gospel enables them to change.


Helen Thorne was addicted to self-harm for 17 years, but she’s now enjoying a life of freedom, spending her time being an author, a biblical counsellor and the training manager for London City Mission.


Anti-depressants – are we still listening to Prozac? – Steve Midgley
The place of anti-depressant medication is a hot topic in Christian counselling. This seminar tries to navigate a way through the absolutes of for and against thinking.


Steve Midgley worked as a psychiatrist before being ordained. He is Executive Director of Biblical Counselling UK and Senior Minister of Christ Church in Cambridge.


Social Anxiety – why should I worry what you think of me? – David Armstrong
Ever felt fearful and physically tense in situations that involve other people? This seminar seeks to understand this common experience through the lens of the gospel and how we might help ourselves and others love God in these moments of daily anxiety.

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David Armstrong is a church elder and biblical counsellor in Edinburgh and is someone who fears making mistakes in front of other people.


Biblical Counselling in the Local Church – Bobby Warrenburg
How do we embed biblical counselling in our local churches? This seminar discusses how the Bible is meant to shape every aspect of a church’s evangelism, discipleship, structures and attitudes.

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Bobby Warrenburg is an American living in England, serving as the senior pastor of Chessington Evangelical Church. He is a member of the Executive Committee of Biblical Counselling UK.


Introduction to Biblical Counselling Part 1 – Andrew Nicholls
Introduction to Biblical Counselling Part 2 – Andrew Nicholls
Biblical counselling tries to connect the riches of Christ with the realities of life by understanding how the gospel of Christ impacts the complex affections and motivations of our hearts. These two sessions explain how the Bible equips us for meaningful conversations about what really matters.


Andrew Nicholls trained as a doctor. Andrew works now as a pastor at Dundonald Church in Raynes Park, London, where he has responsibility for biblical counselling.