What is Biblical Counselling?

Little ‘b’ biblical

Biblical counselling is not a system. It’s not about finding a verse for every problem. Biblical counselling is personal ministry done from a biblical worldview. It means seeing the complexity of life and people in the light of the gospel of Jesus. It means seeing each of our personal stories in the light of God’s big story.

Little ‘c’ counselling

All of us are little ‘c’ counsellors in the lives of others. Biblical counselling is about equipping parents, spouses, colleagues, friends, leaders, pastors and carers so that they can wisely love people through gospel-soaked interactions. We call this the ‘Personal ministry of the Word’ and it’s a ministry we are always learning to do better. Those with more experience in personal ministry can help the rest of us develop and grow in our ability to love others. This will happen through their example and as they train and equip others in the local church.

The personal ministry of the Word

The ministry of the Word is more than preaching. It is more than small-group Bible studies. We are called to encourage, rebuke, warn and comfort one another by speaking the truth in love in the midst of everyday life. As believers grow in wisdom and maturity they will also grow in their ability to do this ‘one-anothering’ ministry of applying God’s Word in the counsel we provide to others.

The church as transformation centre

God has made the church to be the centre of care and transformation for the believer. As part of the body of Christ we grow together toward maturity. This does not exclude a role for doctors, psychologists and other helping professionals, but it does challenge the church to recognise its God-given role to shepherd the people entrusted to its care.

Audio: Steve Midgley

Listen to Steve Midgley, Executive Director of Biblical Counselling UK.

  Introduction to Biblical Counselling


Steve was speaking at our 2017 Residential Conference.


  Biblical Counselling in Discipleship 1

  Biblical Counselling in Discipleship 2

  Biblical Counselling in Discipleship 3

Steve was speaking at the 2015 FIEC Leaders’ Conference.

Audio: David Powlison

Listen to David Powlison (1949 – 2019) former Executive Director of CCEF (The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation).

  Foundational Questions

  Establishing Biblical Counselling Ministries in the Church

  Q&A Session


These talks were from the Changing Hearts conference in London in 2014.


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