One thing…

There are a lot of changes about to enter our children’s lives. Things that haven’t been possible for much of the past year are soon going to be routine again. In the coming weeks and months, it is likely they will face (to name but a few):

• A new start at school
• A resumption of hobbies and activities
• Being reunited with family members
• An upturn in opportunities to socialise
• More freedom to go out and about
• A return to some church activities

Some will be buzzing with excitement. Others fearful to the core. But many are likely to need help to articulate what’s going on inside. So, in the coming days – as new things approach and begin to appear – why not play “one thing”. It’s a simple game – a game that asks them to name one thing in a variety of categories, categories that can range from the ridiculous to the profound.

Start simple:

• One thing you can see
• One thing you can smell
• One thing that makes you smile

Inject fun:

• One game you’d like to play
• One super-power you’d like to have
• One colour you’d like a chicken to be

But also go deep:

• One thing you’re looking forward to
• One thing that feels scary
• One thing that makes you feel sad
• One thing you wish would come true

And go spiritual:

• One thing we can remember about God that is going to help us today
• One Bible story you love
• One thing we can pray

As the game progresses, allow the conversation to expand. Give them the freedom to tell you more. Explore the fears – rejoice in the fun – read the Bible stories. Use it as a framework to understand your children better and help them navigate the days ahead with their eyes on Christ.

At the end of the day, when the conversation is done, your heart will be fuelled with things for which to praise and pray. And you might even have a picture of a green polka-dot chicken on your wall!