What does biblical counselling look like in the local church?

The church is designed to be truly beautiful. A body – a family – whose head is Christ. The group of people with whom we learn, pray, serve and grow. The brothers and sisters who encourage us week by week to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

The church is designed to be deeply relational. A wonderful setting for us all to be ministering one to another, spurring one another on to love and good works.

The church is designed to be transformational. The context in which we share our lives; are honest about our struggles; are passionate about pursuing Christ-like change.

But what does that look like in practice? How can we rethink the way we’re church if our experience is something rather different? How do we grow to be ever more the Christ-centred community that God is calling us to be?

It was a privilege and pleasure to welcome Deepak Reju, Tim Chester and other speakers at our recent conference to help us begin to tease out questions like this.

The conference audio is now available to download free of charge.

With talks on how true biblical one-anothering can impact our preaching, our evangelism and our small groups, they left us with a wealth of material on which to reflect. And with plenty of biblical tips on how to work through conflict in the local church and support those struggling with pornography, there is material for every church to discuss, too.

So why not treat yourself to some Easter listening? And why not commit to praying for your local congregation this Passion-tide? That Jesus’ work on the cross will continue to shape and spur your church on to being ever more the body that God intends.