Care in a Covid world

Covid-19 has brought a unique and serious set of challenges to the church in the UK.

We hope these articles will provide some measure of help and encouragement as you seek to care for each other in your local congregation.

General Resources

Articles taking a look at individual aspects of the pandemic and helping us all engage with the specific challenges that Covid-19 has brought.


Pastoral Care

Articles spurring us on in our care of others and looking at some of the new ways we can engage in biblical counselling and practical care in these challenging times.



The pressures and isolation of lockdown have seen a surging in people falling into – or back into – addiction. Life-controlling issues are a challenge but, in Christ, there is true and lasting hope.



We are living in uncertain times. These resources can help us, and those around us, lift our eyes to the One who knows all things and is Shepherding us into a sure and certain future.


Domestic Abuse

Increased time in the home has put many relationships under pressure but for those in abusive relationships, things are particularly dangerous. There are things the church can do to help.



Hope can seem elusive in the middle of a pandemic. Here are some resources to help us share the light of Christ that still shines so brightly in this dark world.



Loss is always devastating. And, this year, we are facing more loss than most. In our pain, God has words of comfort and hope.



Some of us have experienced deeply shocking events in recent months and the effects of trauma can impact body and mind. Here are some simple steps we can all take to help those struggling.


Supporting Key Workers

While many of us work from home, others in the caring and service professions have been serving tireless in crushingly difficult circumstances. Hints here on how we can care for them well.


Supporting Parents

Parenting in a pandemic is no easy task. The pressures on mums and dads are uniquely hard. Here are some resources for parents and local churches.


Our thanks to Evangelicals Now, for providing links to articles first published in EN.