Author: Steve Midgley

Steve Midgley is the Executive Director of Biblical Counselling UK. He was formerly the vicar of Christ Church Cambridge where he continues to serve as a minister part time.

Ambition redefined

In Matthew chapter 18, the disciples ask Jesus who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. In response Jesus doesn't rebuke the disciples for pursuing greatness. Nor does he tell them that an ambition for greatness is inappropriate. He does something far more unsettling. He commends the pursuit of greatness, but then presents them with a revolutionary view of what true greatness looks like.

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Simple is not the same as simplistic

Whenever a diagnostic category begins to blinker us, or even to blind us to the many other things going on in a person’s life, we have mis-stepped. Our detailed engagement with a person’s problem won’t be a sign of sophisticated understanding. It may in fact be a sign that our thinking has become simplistic. We have reduced this person to their diagnosis and we have lost sight of all the other things – especially the spiritual realities – that are also true of them.

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Responding well to the experience of loss will be the focus of this year’s national conference in March. We will, of course, be considering how hope in Christ transforms an experience of loss. But before speaking, we must listen. Those offering comfort must first attend to the experience of loss.

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